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Music CD

By Arrangement: Albeniz: Suite Espanola-Faure: Dolly Suite-Satie:Gnossiennes-Beethoven:Sonatina in Cmaj-Vivaldi:Double Violin Concerto in Am -Hindemit

by Terz Classical Guitar Trio

Released 2013
Released 2013
Inventive guitar arrangements of works by popular classical composers including: Albeniz, Beethoven, Faure and Vivaldi.
The Terz Classical Guitar Trio was formed in 1998 and made a name for themselves with their own particular approach to the medium of concerted guitars.

As an ensemble Terz use not only standard (Tenor) guitars but also various combinations of these together with Contrabass, Terz and Requinto instruments. A substantial part of the programme contains original transcriptions and arrangements, which make use of the various tone colour possibilities presented by blending these different types of guitars. In addition their repertoire is drawn from a variety of sources, not all normally associated with the guitar, and contains substantial but lesser known works not often heard in their original format, e.g. Beethoven's Sonatina for piano and mandolin, and also his Sonata in D opus no. 6, originally for piano duet.

"We believe our use of original arrangements coupled with a flexible approach to instrumentation allows for a truely varied and entertaining concert".

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